Easily rent a PlusBlue charger when you the need it most — at music festivals, conferences, sporting events, and more!


Take the PlusBlue charger for the day, use it wherever you want, and return when finished.


Easily return the charger to any of our booths at the event, or if you decide to keep it for the retail price minus the rental fees!

What we can do to serve you better?

The PlusBlue Experience

PlusBlue rents only the industry best devices to help keep you online longer. The second generation Anker Astro is available at a variety of locations and events, providing you with a handheld portable charging station when you need it most.

What is PlusBlue?

PlusBlue provides rentable batteries to charge your customer’s favorite electronic devices at a variety of venues and events, providing them with a handheld portable charger to keep them powered wherever they are. The PlusBlue battery pack is easy to use, compact in size, and compatible with today’s most popular smartphones & tablets. Plusblue also provides wholesale pricing with custom branded logos on the batteries. This is perfect for a giveaway, amenity, or swagbag at your next event.

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